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Research Groups

The research groups that participate in the industrial doctoral programme in Civil and Geo-Environmental Engineering are listed below::


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  • ANIComp. Numerical analysis and scientific computing.
  • CENIT. New window Research and innovation in transport, logistics and mobility.
  • CRAHI.New window Applied hydrometeorology research.
  • EGEO.New window Geomatics engineering.
  • EScGD. Engineering Ssciences and gGlobal development.
  • EXIT.New window Engineering, networks, infraestructure and the region.
  • FLUMEN.New window River dynamics and hydrological engineering.
  • GEMMA.New window Environmental engineering and microbiology
  • GHS.New window Hydrogeology.
  • GIES.New window Geophysics and earthquake engineering.
  • GITS.New window Integral basin and sediment transport modelling.
  • LaCàN.New window Numerical computing.
  • LIM.New window Maritime Engineering Laboratory.
  • MatCar.New window Building materials and roads.
  • MecMat.New window Mechanics of materials.
  • MSR.New window Soil and rock mechanics.
  • NEMEN. Nanoengineering of materials applied to energy.
  • NRG.New window Natural hazards and geostadistics.
  • RMEE.New window Strength of materials and structural engineering.
  • TE.New window Structural technology.


  • GGS.New window Sedimentary geology.
  • GRCGM.New window Marine geosciences.
  • GRRN.New window Natural hazards-RISKNAT.
  • IRG.New window Geomodelling.
  • MAG.New window Applied mineralogy and geochemistry of fluids.